Mark Chandler designs and handcrafts carpets that are entirely custom and one-of-a-kind.  He developed his unique approach in the 1980’s as an apprentice with early practitioners of an American artisanal punch-hook technique.  Mark’s process begins with pure New Zealand wool spun to his specifications by a third generation North American woolen mill.  Once spun, the yarn is custom dyed to individual client specifications at the only remaining skein-dying operation in America.  Once the hooking stage begins, each loop is place by hand until the carpet is complete.  The last three stages of the process - latex blocking, hemming and shearing - are also completed 100% by hand.

As a fiber artist, Mark’s refined modern aesthetic is influenced by decades as a top international set designer and prop stylist.  His original style of hooking results in a subtly undulating visual texture that offers complex dimensionality.  He collaborates with clients to create a shared vision that often features simple geometric shapes, ornate botanicals, and abstract portraitures.  Mark’s mastery of the punch-hook needle allows for endless design possibilities so that each carpet tells its own story through an original style and palette.

Mark Chandler’s handmade carpets are luxurious works of fiber art that add depth and richness to the spaces they inhabit, whether big or small - from entries to living rooms to boudoirs.  Conceived and created in close collaboration with clients, each carpet is a singular work of art and truly a limited edition of one.